Health care

In different ages your healthcare needs change too, you can still benefit from many screening tests and we are here to help you.

Lab test reports

Laboratory tests are among the most important in modern medicine. Healthcare decisions are derived from clinical laboratory tests.

Emergency unit

We provides 24-hour emergency care for adults and children at our emergency unit with a team of experts who are trained for emergency care.

Out patient service

Our outpatient services is the smooth patient flow from registration, examination, payment of prescribed medications, along with computer system.

Qualified doctors

Our doctors know problems inside and out, they studied it, fought it and beat it, thousands of people count on us to help them.

Visiting hours

Visitors are welcome during 4pm - 8pm - but please note that we have a compulsory rest period for all patients who have had major surgery

We are
Investing in quality

We are aware that we are serving an increasingly large catchment area, and we continue to work to deliver quality services, not only to Medipuls Clinic members, but also to patients with other forms of private insurance cover, those choosing to fund their surgery themselves and patients being funded by ACC and other public funding arrangements

Our recent upgrades and extensions are important steps on the path to accommodating the increasing demands from patients and medical specialists alike, including onsite overnight medical cover from Monday through to Saturday.

  •  Latest Equipments
  •  Certified Nurse
  •  Inhouse Pharmacy
  •  Inhouse Restaurant
  •  Latest Equipments
  •  Certified Nurse
  •  Inhouse Pharmacy
  •  Inhouse Restaurant

We are specialized

Everything you expect from medipuls except the high price

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Call: +366 123 444 876

if you suspect a stroke or heart attack, then act fast

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